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For assistance, please contact

Only one Troop Login is required per Troop to register for any number of Events or Patrols To find you Troop Login Id (this is not the same as your "MYScout" or "Extranet" login)
If you have registered for any event in the past using this system,
please use the Login you created at that time.
  • If you have forgotton your Login ID, click on the "Lost Password" button
  • If another Leader has already created a Login for your Troop, ask them to assign you as a User and you will be assigned your own Login
  • If you still can't determine your Troop Login, feel free to click on "Register New Troop" and start afresh
  • If you have already created a Login with your nominated Password, the System will tell you, then go back to the "Lost Password" button and check again.
  • If all else fails please contact